Trax Controls

Electronics for Model Trains including: Controllers D.C. Power Supplies Elenctronic Modules Diesel Sound Modules Fuses / Circuit Brakers Indicators / Lighting Relays / Switches Wiring Online Shopping site that accepts paypal. Webiste: Trax Controls  


A variety of steam locomotives, Narrow Gauge and Main line types are running on Public Open Days on all tracks, occasionally there will also be Diesel and Battery Electric engines in service.

Brandon & District Society of Model Engineers

The Brandon & District Society of Model Engineers is a relatively young club by comparison having been founded in November 1978 by only twenty or so enthusiastic individuals. Initially the club used land in Brandon owned by a co-founder of Anglia Television and regular meetings were held at Brandon Community Centre.  This arrangement worked well for the club and lasted many years until a spate of vandalism encouraged a re-think which prompted the club to move.  The Breckland Council offered use of a part of Brandon Sports Field and the club moved there during the 1980’s until another surge of vandalism pushed the club to move again.  This time the club was offered use of part of a field used by the annual Weeting Steam Rally.